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astraia - software for women's health consists of multiple clinical modules for different areas. Due to the modular structure, you can combine the modules according to your individual requirements and extend them with useful add-ons such as automatic image and measurement data transfer. Every solution, no matter in which combination, contains helpful tools, functions and features.

Our clinical modules astraia Obstetrics and astraia Gynaecology offer comprehensive solutions for routine examinations, while astraia Fetal Echocardiography, astraia Neurosonography, astraia Delivery, astraia Colposcopy, and astraia Breast Clinic cover specialized areas.

Each astraia installation, regardless of the choice of modules or add-ons, contains a variety of useful features that make a difference in your daily workflow.

astraia Delivery

In close cooperation with experts in perinatal diagnosis and assistance, the astraia Delivery module has been designed to support medical personnel best through their work while keeping up with all necessary documentation and preparing a complete report without great effort.

The well-structured tabular presentation makes it easy to document and follow-up all essential phases, events and findings during delivery at any moment, such as labour induction, rupture of membranes, labour, delivery, caesarean, placenta delivery, perineum, medication and complications. In addition, a separate screen for postpartum events is available to record information about mother and child for discharge.

Your benefits with astraia Delivery

  • Document in detail all phases of delivery from antenatal assessment through early signs of labour to delivery and outcome.
  • Easily structure all information about the different events of the delivery.
  • Include postpartum events of mother and child as part of the complete documentation.
  • Generate without great effort a well-structured report containing all important information about labour, delivery and postpartum events.

astraia Gynaecology

The astraia Gynaecology module was developed together with leading clinicians in order to cover all aspects of gynaecological health and to provide a comprehensive tool for the daily work in the clinic.

Benefit from comprehensive screens for the examination of early pregnancies, maternal structures including the uterus, ovaries, adnexae, bladder and kidneys as well as endoscopic procedures such as laparoscopy, laparotomy and hysteroscopy to gather all relevant information. Moreover, you can report the results of gynaecological procedures including cervical smear, endometrial biopsy, implant, cyst aspiration, IUCD insertion, infections, ectopic injection, ERCP and follicle tracking.

The integrated risk calculation for malignancy of ovarian tumours is implemented according to the International Ovarian Tumour Analysis (IOTA) guidelines. astraia has supported the IOTA study screens for more than 10 years. Expert instructions and referral images help the decision for staging, but also can serve as training material for junior doctors and students.

Your benefits with astraia Gynaecology

  • Systematically document the patient’s medical history, examinations, diagnostic findings and outcome
  • Report the results of gynaecological procedures such as cervical smear, endometrial biopsy, implant, cyst aspiration, IUCD insertion, infections, ectopic injection, ERCP and follicle tracking
  • Make use of specialized screens for endoscopic procedures, such as laparoscopy, laparotomy, hysteroscopy
  • Assess the risk of malignancy for adnexal masses based on IOTA and RMI models
  • Create comprehensive and well-structured reports for referring doctors with a few clicks

astraia Colposcopy

The astraia Colposcopy module was specifically designed for colposcopic examinations. The clear step-by-step menu navigation helps you to efficiently report and evaluate the results while performing the assessment. The comprehensive screens allow to systematically document all relevant data such as history, referral information, findings, treatments, results and outcome. The acquired images can be imported wirelessly and stored in astraia. Moreover, it is possible to illustrate the findings with the integrated drawing tool. All data including images can be easily presented in a structured report and send to the referring doctors.

Your benefits with astraia Colposcopy

  • Document in detail the patient’s history, referral information, diagnostic findings, treatments, results and outcome of the colposcopic examination
  • transfer the images from the colposcopes wirelessly to astraia
  • Graphically represent your finding with the integrated drawing tool
  • Create a well-structured report for referring doctors containing all relevant data

astraia Breast Clinic

The astraia Breast Clinic module offers you a comprehensive tool for different types of breast examinations and their evaluations. A specific screen helps you to assess the medical history in detail with the possibility to even visualize the family’s history in a pedigree. The findings of palpation, mamma sonography, X-Ray- and magnetic resonance mammography (MRM) as well as invasive procedures can be documented in specialized screens. Moreover, you have the possible to draw the clinical findings and include them in the well-structured examination report.

The terminology of astraia Breast Clinic is consistently based on the BI-RADS classification. MRM examinations include the Göttinger-Score-System.

Your benefits with astraia Breast Clinic

  • Fully assess the medical history and family anamnesis (including pedigree-tool)
  • Systematically document different examination types including palpation, mamma sonography, X-ray- and magnetic resonance mammography as well as invasive techniques
  • Visualize clinical findings with the integrated drawing tool
  • Create structured and comprehensive reports for referring physicians
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