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With astraia - software for women’s health we have been offering our international customers a cutting-edge OB/GYN software for more than 20 years. We are supported by leading experts from all over the world to guarantee a comprehensive, practical and efficient documentation of the examinations based on the latest knowledge and standardized terminology in around 20 languages.

astraia - software for women’s health consists of multiple clinical modules for different areas. Due to the modular structure, you can combine the modules according to your individual requirements and extend them with useful add-ons such as image and measurement data transfer.

Our clinical modules astraia Obstetrics and astraia Gynaecology offer comprehensive solutions for routine examinations, while astraia Fetal Echocardiography, astraia Neurosonography, astraia Delivery, astraia Colposcopy, and astraia Breast Clinic cover specialized areas. Every solution, no matter in which combination, contains helpful tools, functions and features.

astraia - software for women’s health is certified as medical device (class IIa and IVD). We participate in an annual audit and are certified according to ISO 13485.

Clinical reporting modules

Features that make the difference

astraia Add-ons

Complete your astraia system with useful and clever add-ons to increase productivity and streamline your workflow.

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