Seamless workflows with
astraia interfaces

Interfaces, which link already existing software solutions or hospital systems to astraia, are another example of where our customers can benefit from astraia’s extensive experience. astraia offers several options to integrate with other systems, in order to improve efficiency and optimize the patient work flow.

Generally, the following options are available to our customers:

  • Interfaces according to the HL7 standard enable a fast and secure integration with existing hospital information systems (HIS)
  • Customer-specific solutions: We will build customized solutions for you in close collaboration with your application experts, your IT department, and the HIS manufacturers – please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • astraia interfaces with laboratory analyser systems to transfer biochemistry data to astraia (for example to the B.R.A.H.M.S. “Kryptor” system, and to analysers by PerkinElmer, e.g. Delfia Xpress, Manual Delfia, Autodelfia). It is also possible to interface with various laboratory information systems via existing or customized interface solutions.
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