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Questions and answers on some popular topics. We are happy to receive suggestions for further FAQs, please send an email to our customer care team.

What is the goal of merging astraia software and NEXUS / WOMAN HEALTH CARE?

A new NEXUS business unit is being created with NEXUS / ASTRAIA, which bundles the highly specialized resources and product experience for special diagnostics in the field of women's health and pregnancy.

What is changing for customer care?

The well-known teams in Ismaning and Frankfurt, who are very close to their customers, will remain available for you as before. Through close cooperation and new colleagues, we want to strengthen both teams in order to be able to offer our service of the highest quality 7*24 hours a day, 7 days a week if required.

What will change for partner relationships?

NEXUS / ASTRAIA will continue and optimize the previous international partner policy of astraia on the existing contractual basis. The existing product portfolio of astraia software is being further developed innovatively and with NEXUS add-on components, which can be obtained country-specifically via the existing astraia partner contract. Some commercial processes are being improved in close coordination with our partners and, where possible, adapted to the NEXUS Group specifications.

What is changing for the product offerings?

Astraia software and NEXUS / WOMAN HEALTH CARE will be further developed as independent product lines for their market positions. Certain standard components for diagnostic software - such as HL7 communication, DICOM viewer, picture archive etc. - will be taken from the NEXUS diagnostic platform strategy from the NEXUS group shelf in the future. This allows the development teams to concentrate even more on their specific diagnostic issues relating to women's health.

How do I find the right contact?

All email addresses and telephone numbers will remain the same and will continue to be used in this way. For the joint work of the NEXUS / ASTRAIA teams, some new contacts are made available and communicated via our website.

What prospects does the astraia software product line have in the future?

astraia software from the Ismaning team has already been expanded with NEXUS AddOns from the Frankfurt team for the delivery room area and CTG for the European market. The focus remains on prenatal diagnostics in close cooperation with FMF UK. The core knowledge of the FMF risk algorithms is taken up and further developed by young colleagues based on the knowledge of long-standing colleagues such as Chris Harris and Martin Helm. In addition to new medical findings from the studies, innovations based on powerful AI algorithms in connection with new software technologies for the use of structured terminologies will play an important role.

What prospects does the NEXUS / WOMAN HEALTH CARE product line have in the future?

NEXUS / WOMAN HEALTH CARE will in particular continue to optimize the workflow support for maternity hospitals, i.e. the entire delivery room environment and medical birth documentation. The previous CTG monitoring is already being supplemented by a powerful mobile APP - and will be even more convenient to use in the future. Particular attention is paid to the seamless integration into existing Health Information Systems (HIS/ KIS). Alternatively, prenatal diagnostics is also offered by astraia Software as a deeply integrated advanced solution.

Does NEXUS/ASTRAIA continue to support clinical research?

NEXUS / ASTRAIA supports clinical research projects with the same attention as astraia software has done so far. The intensive cooperation with our customers in many multi-center studies and individual projects remains a decisive source of innovation - now for the entire NEXUS / ASTRAIA. Real high-end workflow solutions for diagnostics using intelligent software for documentation and decision support for women's health need exactly this proximity to clinical research and clinical routine - especially for the calculation of pregnancy risks and thus in connection with ultrasound precision diagnostics.

How are joint customer projects managed?

Joint customer projects are managed from a single source on the basis of the new NEXUS / ASTRAIA project organization. You have a NEXUS / ASTRAIA exactly one responsible contractual partner and an efficient project manager with the corresponding international experience.

How important is NEXUS / ASTRAIA in the NEXUS Group?

NEXUS / ASTRAIA is the competence center for software solutions for women's health - and specifically for pregnant women's diagnostics and documentation during delivery - in the NEXUS Group. Core competences continue to be the integration of scientific publications into product design and the development of algorithms for calculating medical risks as classifiers for screening and diagnostic decision support.

How do our NEXUS / ASTRAIA customers benefit from the merge?

The product perspectives of astraia software and NEXUS / WHC are secured in the NEXUS Group by the new business unit NEXUS / ASTRAIA. The merger bundles the development and support staff. On this basis, NEXUS / ASTRAIA wants to expand the leading position from the FMF UK cooperation very actively and worldwide and also become successfully active in other countries - such as the USA and Australia.

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