For a comprehensive overview of your patients in the delivery ward, you can use the Ward Chart of NEXUS / OBSTETRICS. The most important information about the selected patients is constantly displayed on the dashboard. In addition to palpation findings and vital data, this also includes gestational age, pregnancy, parity, pregnancy risks and other additional data from the patient file. A status update is entered quickly and clearly by clicking on the "Smiley".

In a network environment, this information is made available to the entire department. The dashboard displays permanently the most important information about the selected patients. The information displayed is automatically updated with the entries from the other functions ("partogram" and "delivery documentation"). You can set the update interval yourself.

The Ward Chart replaces the chalk board in the midwife center and ensures that the crucial information on the course of delivery of the individual patient is displayed up-to-date. The Ward Chart can be configured according to your needs.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Tabular overview of the current delivery room / ward occupancy
  • Presentation of data already recorded in other documentation areas
  • Additional input option for various findings
  • Configurable update interval
  • High flexibility of the display thanks to a wide range of configuration options
  • Extension to the NEXUS / OBSTETRICS complete solution
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