Standard HIS connect

NEXUS / WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE offers you communication with all HIS systems available on the market via our HL-7 standard HIS Connect.
The patient data exchange including the mother-child link and § 301 data can be transmitted via ADT messages. The export of diagnoses and procedures (ICD/ICPM) broken down by mother and child is ensured by the BAR interface.

Would you like to send doctor's letters, the course of birth, findings or CTG curves as a PDF file to your archive or HIS system?
No problem! We are happy to provide you with our MDM transmission for this purpose.

Furthermore, the release of findings and storage in ASCII code (ORU) can be transmitted directly from the documentation for the provision of text modules for a HIS.
If you would like to carry out a CSV export of the 16/1 QS data, we can also offer you a solution for this. A transfer to all common QM software systems, including patient ID and case ID for comparison, is possible via CSV export.

In addition, for the Gedowin-QS product from Saatmann, there is an option to transfer the date of birth at the touch of a button once the documentation has been completed. This gives you the opportunity to send all relevant QS data via your existing Gedowin system.

NEXUS / WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE can communicate with all HIS systems available on the market via our standard HIS Connect:

  • Patient data exchange via ADT including the mother/child link and § 301 data
  • Billing codes (ICD/ICPM) split into mother and child via BAR
  • Doctor's letters, course of delivery, findings and CTG's via MDM
  • Various test modules via ORU
  • A transfer to all common QM-software including patient ID and case ID for comparison is possible via CSV export.
  • Gedowin-QS from Saatmann has an interface for transferring the individual QM sheets directly after completion
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