Quality: measuring performance

The quality assurance meets all the requirements of the external QA. In close cooperation with IQTIG, the QS tool is constantly being adapted to the latest requirements. For example, you are up to date with the latest technology via XML export. Error reports from IQTIG can be imported for correction. From the error list, you have the option of jumping directly to the documentation on the source of the error in order to correct it immediately. In addition, the correction data records can be sent back from here.



The system already contains various standard reports, such as epicrisis after admission, birth record, label record, chronological course of delivery and doctor's letter. Pictures and graphics can be inserted into doctor's letters. Extensive individual adjustments can be made on request.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Embedding in NEXUS / OBSTETRICS
  • Intuitive and user-friendly operation
  • State-specific requirements implemented
  • Hearing screening export independent of QS data
  • Reading error reports directly in the module
  • Correction and return directly in the module
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