The NEXUS / OBSTETRICS department system is an important contribution to process optimization in maternity care and obstetric departments.

The NEXUS delivery solutions support the medical and nursing team. We are the only provider to offer you a complete solution - from the first day of pregnancy to the day of discharge after delivery.

During the stay of the mother-to-be in the clinic, a large number of new diagnostic data are collected. To ensure that these are correctly assigned and processed throughout the entire stay, all information must be recorded in full when you are admitted to the obstetrics department. Both administrative and medical data are recorded at this point. In addition to an admission report, this also includes information on the anamnesis, previous pregnancies, ultrasound or other examinations during pregnancy, the EDD or serology.

After delivery, a flexible and structured diagnosis of the newborn and new mother takes place. All screenings are documented according to the guidelines of the relevant societies. The largely automatically generated ICD and ICPM digits are provided in an overview and can be supplemented if necessary. In addition, an individual check can now be carried out for the external quality assessment. The doctor's letter for discharge of the patient is created automatically, and usually no further entries are required.


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