Deep Fusion NEXUS / HIS

With Deep Fusion, the NEXUS / WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE becomes part of the NEXUS / HIS:

NEXUS / WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE runs integrated in the NEXUS / HIS database and the two systems have mutual access to all relevant data. Master data and other information are available automatically and without delay after a patient has been admitted to the relevant specialist department.

The user is authenticated via the NEXUS / HIS and the transfer to NEXUS / WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE is carried out together with the patient selected there.
After documenting the birth and all of the child's data, a child's data record can be created as an independent patient in the HIS at the touch of a button. You do NOT have to enter the data twice.

Would you like a complete and digital continuation of all relevant data from the delivery room for mother and child? Then Deep Fusion is exactly what you are looking for. The nursery can access all postpartum data on the child documented in the delivery room in the ward curve (also selected mother data if desired) and can seamlessly add to this. In the same way, the maternity ward can view and update all the data that has been documented in the mother's partogram.

The discharge letter and other reports can be written directly in the Nexus / HIS. A transfer of CTG curves and all other reports (e.g. chronological list of findings, epicrisis after admission) directly into the connected archive is possible at any time.

We are convinced that with this solution we can provide you with an intuitive and resource-saving solution and look forward to your inquiries.

  • NEXUS / WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE runs integrated in the NEXUS / HIS database
  • Patient data are automatically available
  • One-time login and taking the patient with you when calling the NEXUS / WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE
  • After delivery, a record for the child is automatically created in the HIS
  • Consistent documentation directly from the delivery room (partogram) on the ward chart (delivery ward/mother and nursery/child)
  • Doctor's letter is written directly in the HIS
  • Transfer of CTG curves and other reports directly into the existing archive
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