LAB Systems Integration

Astraia software requires certain laboratory values ​​for the innovative risk algorithms of the FMF UK; PAPP-A, beta-hCG, PIFG and AFP, to name just a few. These laboratory results ​​are not only transferred digitally via an existing laboratory information system (LIS) using astraia.connect. Under certain system requirements, it can also be useful to collect the laboratory results ​​directly from the laboratory analysis device or from its middleware.

It is important to know that the laboratory results ​​are not only transferred and stored digitally in astraia software for documentation purposes. For use as an input variable for special risk classifiers (trisomy 21, 18, 13, fetal growth restriction, preeclampsia and many more) based on complex probability distribution functions, the measured values ​​of these devices are carefully calibrated by astraia software depending on the manufacturer and device.

NEXUS / ASTRAIA offers the right interface technology for all relevant laboratory information systems and laboratory services. With a special interface for direct connection, we currently support the most commonly used analysis systems from Thermofisher/Brahms, Perking Elmer and Roche.

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