HIS Systems Integration

With astraia software and NEXUS / WOMAN HEALTH CARE, we want to support our users with optimal workflows - and avoid double entries and system breaks at the IT level.

The prerequisite for this in clinics is the optimal integration of our special software into the existing HIS environment. That's what we stand for. With astraia.connect we bring powerful interface technology from the NEXUS group portfolio, which we can use to connect to all common healthcare data formats.

We integrate our software flexibly and efficiently into your system as part of the project - with manageable costs and without any programming effort. Your IT colleagues will be delighted.

PACS and VNA Systems

During pregnancy and in gynecological diagnostics, more and more ultrasound images and videos are being recorded, which we are happy to store for later image comparisons and/or follow-up examinations in the corresponding Picture Archiving Systems (PACS) or Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) in a secure manner for the legally required retention periods.

For this we offer the appropriate interfaces to existing archive solutions based on astraia.connect as part of NEXUS / ASTRAIA introductory projects or later expansions at low cost and high efficiency. A separate PACS solution can make sense in larger NEXUS / ASTRAIA installations. Then the NEXUS / CHILI PACS as astraia software add-on is often the best solution.

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