astraia software as a Service - SaaS

This is NEW: astraia/SaaS. astraia software as a service in the cloud - here as a so-called Amazon WEB Service (AWS).

Software as a service as a cloud solution is also becoming increasingly interesting for astraia. In particular, GYN/OP practices without sufficient IT resources are interested in such a WEB entry-level solution from the cloud - without a major local installation on site. But the Internet access must be stable and secure, the usual experienced local software support from our international partners in the countries and regions is also a MUST for cloud solutions. In addition, the security specifications and data protection requirements for medically used cloud solutions - especially for software as a medical device and IVD diagnostics - are demanding and vary widely in the countries of our astraia customers.
This is exactly why NEXUS/ASTRAIA has developed a special "astraia/Partner Cloud Service Package". Together with our partners, we clarify all regulatory framework conditions, select the right cloud provider for your region and take care of the astraia installation base in the cloud.

Your astraia/partner offers you astraia/SaaS with the required range of functions for a low monthly fee. If desired, we can also automatically take over the measurement data from your ultrasound device via a secure Internet connection. As a first step in the pilot phase, astraia/SaaS is available through our partner TechEmVee in Italy.

astraia/SaaS - our new service offering for the best possible documentation of diagnostics during pregnancy.

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