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astraia Fetal Neurosonography

The astraia Fetal Neurosonography was developed in close collaboration with specialists in fetal neurosonography in order to provide an expert tool for a detailed assessment of the fetal brain.

A well-defined workflow with prompts allows you to systematically document the fetal brain morphology and cephalic biometry in order create precise diagnoses. Get support from help files give that give immediate access to measurement instructions. Moreover, a variety of charts from peer-reviewed articles allows you to visualize cephalic biometry in the context of reference data. Well-structured patient reports containing all information including history, findings and diagnosis can be easily generated with a few clicks

Your benefits with astraia Fetal Neurosonography

  • Use this expert module to document step-by-step brain morphology and cephalic biometry
  • Display your measurement results graphically with up-to-date charts from peer-reviewed articles.
  • Generate easily a well-structured report containing all relevant data

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