Charts and growth bars

Over 400 Charts from peer-reviewed articles

Charts are an indispensable tool for prenatal care: Dating charts allow to determine the gestational age, growth charts provide information on fetal growth and doppler charts give insight into fetal and maternal hemodynamics. Hence, they help a number of growth disorders and pregnancy complications to be identified at an early stage and obstetric management to be adapted accordingly. This naturally demands that correct graphs are used.

The astraia software contains a collection of over 400 selected reference and standard curves from peer-reviewed articles, which is continuously updated. You can therefore define yourself which chart is to be displayed for the respective measurement field and assure that the graph is suitable for your patient population. Importantly, the charts do also show measurements from other dates, allowing an accurate monitoring over a given period of time.

If a normal distribution of the data is indicated in the publication, growth bars will appear next to the measurement fields. This allows you to get a quick overview of the different measurements and to detect trends or outliers without having to open each chart individually.

If a particular chart is missing, please feel free to bring it to our attention and we will implement it in a timely manner.

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