Automated audit

Monitor your measurements and create performance statistics with astraia’s Audit Tool

The audit tool is intended for both internal and external quality controls and includes four different modules - the FMF First Trimester Audit, the Second Trimester Audit, as well as the Fetal Medicine Unit (FMU) and Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) statistics.

FMF First Trimester Audit

The first trimester risk calculation requires that the ultrasound, biophysical and biochemical measurements are correctly assessed by trained personal. To ensure this, the Fetal Medicine Foundation has developed its own accreditation program, which includes a regular audit of its users. With astraia's First Trimester Audit Module, it is possible to view, analyse and submit the necessary data to the FMF.

The distributions of the nuchal translucency, biochemical markers, DVPI, UAPI and MAP are shown as graphs in the respective sections. Importantly, the First Trimester Audit module also contains CUSUM blots that display the PAPP-A, Free Beta-HCG and PlGF MoMs for ach analysor sequentially as a sum of log10 MoMs. Any changes that affect the MoMs will become visible as a shift in the gradient of the plot. CUSUM blots are therefore a powerful tool for spotting MoM deviations at an early stage and being able to react, for example by correcting the MoMs.

According to the FMF, PAPP-A, Free Beta-HCG and PlGF MoMs should be adjusted frequently to address local factors that affect the calculation. Given that the number of measurements is sufficient you can adjust the MoMs in just a few steps in the Median tab.

In the last screen, you can see the overall FMF statistics and generate the report that has to be submitted to the FMF. If the automated audit function is enabled, the data is transmitted automatically to the FMF at defined intervals.

Second trimester Audit

This module provides a summary of your second trimester biometry measurements (BPD, HC, AC, FL, Uterine PI, Umbilical PI, Ductus Venosus PI, Middle Cerebral PSV) against the normal distribution of a given chart.

Fetal Medicine Unit (FMU) Performance Statistics

The FMU statistics module allows you to export a monthly statistic for your fetal medicine units to excel which shows the number of early pregnancy scans, nuchal (1st trimester) scans, anomaly (2nd trimester) scans, growth scans, doppler examinations, fetal echocardiography scans, cervical scans and serum screenings.

Additionally, the FMU statistics indicates the monthly numbers of procedures that include amniocentesis, CVS, FBS, shunts, amnioinfusions and reductions (drainage), embryo reductions and selective feticides. The percentage of postpartum follow-ups is also be displayed.

Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) Performance Statistics

This EPU statistics exports the statistics of you early pregnancy unit to excel and gives an overview of the pregnancy locations, miscarriages an ectopic treatments.

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