The Forecast study

FORECAST is a randomized trial, run by Prof. Liona Poon (Chinese University of Hong-Kong), for the clinical validation of MoMs in Chinese/South East Asian population for the 1st trimester assessment of risk for Pre-eclampsia.

Liona Poon previously worked on the ASPRE trial with Kypros/FMF London. This implementation study aims to evaluate the first-trimester screening and prevention for preterm-preeclampsia in the asian population. It is a "multicenter stepped wedge cluster randomized trial" covering ten regions in Asia. A Cluster is defined as a group of hospitals, defined by their geographical location.

The study starts with an initial period of no intervention, followed by incremental inclusion at regular intervals of intervention clusters. The intervention clusters are chosen at random and "intervention" is defined by first-trimester screening for preterm-preeclampsia using the "Bayes based method" (FMFrisk) to identify high-risk women who are then given low-dose aspirin.  

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