Delivery and Birth

astraia Delivery

In close cooperation with experts in perinatal diagnosis and assistance, the astraia Delivery module has been designed to support medical personnel best through their work while keeping up with all necessary documentation and preparing a complete report without great effort.

Document in detail all phases of delivery from antenatal assessment through early signs of labor to delivery, outcome and postpartum events of mother and child. The well-structured tabular presentation makes it easy to document and follow-up all essential phases, events and findings during delivery at any moment, such as labor induction, rupture of membranes, labor, delivery, caesarean, placenta delivery, perineum, medication and complications. In addition, a separate screen for postpartum events is available to record information about mother and child for discharge.

astraia Intrapartum

A new Intrapartum module is available for evaluation. It includes four screens which integrate into the Obstetrics module and document a delivery (intrapartum) by means of ultrasound measurements, thereby bjectively assessing the fetal head descent and cervical dilation.

Please note that these screens may only be used for evaluation purposes; they will be made available for productive user in the next version of astraia.

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