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NEXUS / ASTRAIA live at the EIOG

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Between 18 and 20 May 2022, we had the pleasure of attending the Expert Imaging in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EIOG) Congress in the building of the prestigious Royal Society in London. It has been an outstanding event and great opportunity to meet many interesting people. This time we got the opportunity to host a Lunch Symposium where Dr. David M. Stucki spoke about the role of NEXUS / ASTRAIA in clinical research. In fact, we have supported over 50 international studies in the last 20 years. This has helped us to build a close relationship with renowned scientists and clinicians from all over the world who support us in the development of the astraia software.

The conference was presented by the Genesis Research Trust (https://www.symposia.org.uk/) led by Imperial College London (https://www.imperial.ac.uk/) Professors Tom Bourne, Phillip Bennett and Christoph Lees and organized by Pemberley Events (https://pemberleyevents.co.uk/). Special thanks to Prof. Christoph Lees for the kind introduction and final remarks.

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