Dr. Alexander Hackmann - the new CEO of NEXUS / ASTRAIA

Introducing NEXUS / ASTRAIA’s new CEO

„It is a great pleasure for me to introduce Dr. Alexander Hackmann, who was appointed CEO of NEXUS / ASTRAIA by the board of directors of NEXUS AG in August 2023 after 8 months as Managing Director,“ said Dr. Uwe Hannemann, CEO of NEXUS / E&L and responsible for NEXUS / ASTRAIA's group integration. „Alexander brings a wealth of experience and expertise to ASTRAIA from his career in the technology sector and academia. He is absolutely the right person to strengthen our international market position and to develop our worldwide business in advanced diagnostic software for pregnancy and women’s health care."

Prior to joining ASTRAIA, Alexander worked in roles in management consulting, business development and product management in both start-up and cooperate environments with a focus on digital health products.

Alexander studied Biomechanics and Bioprocess Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, before earning his doctoral degree at King’s College, University of Cambridge. His thesis was in the field of biomimetics, looking at understanding models that evolved in the natural world over billions of years as potential innovative solutions for complex human problems.

"NEXUS / ASTRAIA, with its business units in Frankfurt am Main and Munich, is renowned for its world-leading products in the field of prenatal diagnostics. I am very excited to be working with a diverse and international team, with no fewer than 22 different nationalities, to develop the next generation of tools for our users. We aim to provide our customers with the latest developments in the form of a highly competitive software solution covering the first day of pregnancy to the mother and newborn’s discharge from hospital,” says Alexander.

A fusion of academia and industry

The fusion of experience from industry and academia is key to ASTRAIA’s success and Alexander brings the ability to navigate the complexities of our industry and deliver products that are both innovative in their design and cutting-edge in their scientific content.

“My mission is to continually enhance and fortify our network with research institutes. By fostering strong connections, we aim to create a collaborative environment that propels innovation and the exchange of knowledge. Through ongoing efforts, we strive to contribute to the advancement of risk algorithms and other research initiatives worldwide.

I truly understand that turning research results into usable products is often challenging. The role of ASTRAIA is like a bridge, turning these findings into a product that brings the most value to users and their patients,,” says Alexander.

Balance is key

Outside of work, Alexander’s hobbies include equestrianism and photography. He also has a young family and understands the importance of balancing professional responsibilities with personal life. He grew up around his family’s business, learning the value of dedication and hands-on leadership, as well as the strength of teamwork and working in a supportive environment – skills and experiences that shaped his formative years and that he brings with him to ASTRAIA today.

Eyes set on the future

With innovation and growth central to the company’s vision, Alexander’s leadership will further solidify ASTRAIA’s position as a key player in prenatal diagnostics, digital delivery room solutions and CTG monitoring. ASTRAIA’s development roadmap includes cloud-ready approaches suitable for both local and cloud environments as well as novel approaches in artificial intelligence incorporated into the user workflow experience. ASTRAIA’s integration into the NEXUS Group has already opened up new synergies with our sister companies, E&L, NEXUS / Deutschland, and CHILI amongst others. ASTRAIA also embraces its strong network of partners that continue to enhance the company’s substantial presence in the international markets.  
NEXUS / ASTRAIA aims to stay at the forefront of healthcare technology and position itself as a leader in this field. With Alexander's strategic vision and NEXUS / ASTRAIA’s commitment to excellence, we look forward to reaching new heights, providing innovative healthcare solutions and driving our industry forward. 

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