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Discussing ultrasound in labor - The International Study group on Labor And Delivery Sonography

A recent two-day event “ISLANDS: The International Study group on Labor and Delivery Sonography” held in a church in Hammersmith, London, provided a platform for leading experts to share their knowledge and research on this important topic.

The field of intrapartum ultrasound may still be young, but its potential benefits for women giving birth are already becoming clear. Ultrasound during active labor has been suggested to be a helpful tool by providing more reproducible and precise information than clinical examination. Multiple studies have shown its superior accuracy in determining fetal head position, station, and predicting labor arrest. Furthermore, ultrasound examination can help distinguish between women who will have a spontaneous vaginal delivery versus those who require operative delivery to some extent.

The first day of the event focused on hands-on workshops led by two renowned professors, Profs Christoph Lees and Tullio Ghi, who shared their expertise on how to conduct intrapartum ultrasound. Attendees had the opportunity to learn practical skills that will enable them to deliver better results and provide women with a more comfortable experience during examinations.

The second day of the event was dedicated to the presentation of study results from the UK, Italy, and Germany. This was a valuable opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest research and evidence-based findings on intrapartum ultrasound.

The congress was held in an unusual venue, a church in Hammersmith, which added to the unique atmosphere of the event. Everyone felt particularly honored to speak in such a prestigious location, which provided a dignified backdrop for the important work being presented.

In conclusion, ISLANDS’ two-day event in Hammersmith was a valuable opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest developments in the field of intrapartum ultrasound. The hands-on workshops and presentation of study results provided a comprehensive overview of this important technique and its potential benefits for women giving birth. As the field continues to evolve, it is events like this that will help to drive progress and improve outcomes for women and their babies.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for allowing us to participate in the ISLANDS event and for the opportunity to showcase our software products, like our new screens specifically for intrapartum ultrasound. It was an honor to be part of such an esteemed gathering of obstetric experts, researchers, and scholars from around the world.

We especially extend our heartfelt thanks to Profs Christoph Lees, Torbjorn Eggebo, Tullio Ghi and Giuseppe Rizzo for their continuous support and invaluable input in enhancing our products. Their guidance and mentorship have been instrumental in the development and improvement of our software, and we are truly grateful for their contributions.

We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and contribute to this vibrant scientific community.

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