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astraia LIVE at the Advances in Fetal Medicine Course in London

Advances in Fetal Medicine Course is a two day Fetal Medicine Foundation event led by Prof Kypros Nicolaides (FMF UK) held in London each December. Leading clinicians and scientists from around the world will present the latest advances in fetomaternal medicine in stimulating presentations and panel discussions. As a specialized diagnostics and documentation solution for obstetrics and gynecology, astraia software has always been an integral part of this forward-looking event.

After more than 20 months of canceled travel and virtual meetings, it was therefore great to receive an invitation to the first international conference held in London since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, due to tightened regulations due to the newly discovered Omicron variant, there was uncertainty until the very end. Fortunately, the organizer was able to organize PCR tests for all participants at short notice and nothing stood in the way of an exciting congress on site.

The highlight for us as the astraia team was the reunion with many of our long-standing customers and medical consultants during the breaks and on Saturday evening at the joint dinner hosted by the organizer with the speakers and gold partners. We were also very pleased about the keen interest of the participants in our astraia conference stand and about the many interesting discussions.

Of course, they wanted to know from us how astraia is doing as a new family member in the NEXUS Group, which new astraia software features and NEXUS AddOns we can offer, what our strategy is for the future - and when and where we can meet next can meet again in person. All of this made us very happy and inspired us in our approach as the new astraia in the NEXUS Group.

These discussions were also living proof that personal encounters with customers, interested parties and partners at such trade fairs and scientific conferences cannot be replaced by virtual meetings alone in the long term.

Another highlight was the meeting with Prof. Kypros Nicolaides and Dr. Argyro Syngelaki in the hallowed halls of King's College Hospital just Monday after the conference weekend. We were received with great interest and, in a lively round of talks, talked about various topics related to the cooperation between astraia and the Fetal Medicine Foundation and about further support for current and future FMF study projects.

Of course, an important topic was the further development of the astraia software as scientific documentation software with the highest quality standards and, in this context, the further optimization of the FMF risk algorithm.

Now we look forward to seeing you again at the FMF World Congress in summer 2022 and remain confident that it can take place again next year.


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19th World Congress in Fetal Medicine, 26. – 30. Juni 2022, Crete (Greece)

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astraia team mit Prof. Kypros Nicolaides

Intensive Gespräche mit der FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation UK)

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