End of life
of the FTS program


Due to the increasing number of inquiries, we'd like to address the status of our The First Trimester Screening (FTS) Programme.

The FTS program has been manufactured and certified as medical device by NEXUS / ASTRAIA GmbH (formerly astraia software gmbh). It's latest version 2.8.1 (Device identifier 2110-6161 and 2110-2161) has reached it's end-of-life on February, 29th 2024, with all legal consequences.

Once a medical device reaches its end-of-life, it means that the manufacturer will no longer provide support, updates, or maintenance for it. Using the software beyond its end-of-life could compromise patient safety, violate regulatory requirements, and expose healthcare providers to legal liability.

NEXUS / ASTRAIA GmbH is not liable for any damages or harm caused by its use beyond the end-of-life date.

Therefore, it's crucial to discontinue the use of the FTS program immediately!

We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to explore our alternative offering exclusive for FMF members.

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