Where to download my FMF license

The package including the free license for astraia.obstetrics is available exclusively for FMF certified users with a valid certificate of competence to measure nuchal translucency (or more). To verify you are eligible for this offer, we need to check your valid FMF license. This license is not issued by us, you only get this license from the Fetal Medicine Foundation, UK.

Everyone holding a certificate of competence with the FMF, can log in to their own area on the FMF's website and download the license file. You will not only need this license file to verify your account on our website. You will also need to import it into your astraia software installation to unlock the First trimester risk calculation module.

Your FMF license needs to be:

  • issued on your name & FMF ID
  • still valid (if it is outdated, you need to renew your license first)
  • version 3.0 (version 2.3 is an outdated format)


How to download your current FMF license

Go to the FMF website FMF Courses - FMF Courses, then click on "FMF own page" and log in with your credentials.
Here you will find your FMF license version 3 to download.


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