Transfer, edit and store
ultrasound images and measurements

  • Astraia
  • Imaging and measurement data transfer

Seamless network and interface integration

Images, measurements and patient data are smoothly transferred between astraia workstations, ultrasound machines, PACS, and laboratory devices. Using DICOM, HL7 or other standards, astraia links all instruments and integrates seamlessly within the HIS, RIS and LIS.

astraia provides laboratory interfaces to PerkinElmer LifeCycle, DELFIA Xpress and AutoDelfia as well as Roche Cobas and Thermofisher Kryptor (Including MoM calculation for PlGF, sFlt-1, PAPP-A and free ß-HCG).

Moreover, astraia offers several solutions for image and measurement data transfer from the ultrasound device to the software.

astraia DICOM Image Server

The DICOM 3 standard-compatible astraia DICOM image server receives images, image sequences (clips) and 3D/4D volumes from DICOM-compatible ultrasound machines, which the astraia image viewer then displays as thumbnails in an image bar on your screen. It gives you the option of displaying images separately, in multiples, or as short clips, and allows you to make in- picture measurements and annotate the images with your comments.

astraia Image Viewer

The astraia image viewer is fully DICOM standard compatible and easily linked to existing RIS/PACS systems. With standard image processing functions (i.e. contrast, zoom, brightness, etc.), images can be enhanced and effectively displayed on the screen.

astraia Worklist Server

The astraia worklist server module enables seamless integration of your ultrasound hardware into the clinical work flow, for example by transferring existing patient data (name, date of birth, ID number, height and weight) directly to the ultrasound machine.

astraia Measurement Data Transfer

Astraia Measurement Transfer allows to export Biometric and Doppler data from your ultrasound machine to the examination files at the click of a button, using either the convenient astraia measurement data server or a direct connection to the astraia client software.

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